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  • Pumpkin Halwa Recipe

    Pumpkin Halwa  A simple halwa is made by using the yellow pumpkin as the main ingredient with milk and khoya as the immediate ingredients. This halwa will be done in 30 minutes. Pumpkin halwa is my favorite among all the other halwas and I have mastered making it now. Check it out the Pumpkin Halwa […]

  • White Pumpkin Halwa (Petha Halwa)

    White Pumpkin Halwa (Petha Halwa)   let’s get started. Check it out the White Pumpkin Halwa Recipe and printable version below!! White Pumpkin Halwa (Petha Halwa) 2 cup white pumpkin (grated) 4 green cardamoms 1 cup pure ghee 12 cashew nuts 1-1/2 cup sugar 1 cup milk 1 cup ricoota cheese few strands of saffron […]