Crunchy Pickled Kachumber Salad Recipe

Looking for something more adventurous than your usual Kachumber salad? Try this tasty Crunchy Pickled Kachumber Salad, a crunchy, squeaky pickle salad that would be amazing alongside a super fatty main dish, like this Chicken Biryani. But don’t worry, it’s not one briny mouthful, there are a lot of different textures going on between the crisp onions, crunchy pickles, red cabbage and juicy carrots.

Crunchy Pickled Kachumber Salad Recipe
Photo: Crunchy Pickled Kachumber Salad Recipe

I like to experiment with creating no-cook dishes that can be easily thrown together at the last minute. I especially enjoy playing with the salads I’ve learned and putting a new spin on them, using whatever ingredients I have on hand to create something entirely new.

This salad happened during one of my kitchen experiments. Things I really love in spring: 

  1. Super crisp, crunchy salads
  2. Juicy Colorful Veggies

So clearly it make sense to combine these two faves into one, right?

Crunchy Pickled Kachumber Salad

I started with a simple family recipe for a Kachumbar salad. But for a change, I used the homemade pickled Cucumber, onion and baby carrots, vinegar, salt for this recipe. then tweaked the dressing and added some stuff I found in the fridge—red radishes and half a red cabbage. The result is a delightfully flavorful salad—cold, crunchy, pickled and easy to throw together at a moment’s notice. I call it my Crunchy Pickled Kachumber Salad.

Crunchy Pickled Kachumber Salad Recipe
Phot: Crunchy Pickled Kachumber Salad Recipe

Some Useful Tips

  • If you like pickle vegetables, you’re going to love this salad. You can use store bought pickles or make your own by following my recipe.
  • Usually, we tend to favor pickles that are bright with acid and low on sugar; anything labeled “half-sour” usually fits the bill. If using sweeter pickles, add a bit more vinegar and black salt. And honestly, you can use whatever pickles you want in this recipe.
  • Organic cucumbers are smaller and thinner than non organic cucumbers.  They are smaller and slightly sweeter than the non-organic variety, and they have less seeds. Organic cucumbers are great for snacking. They have a wonderful mineral flavor to them. Unfortunately some grocery stores only carry Organic cucumbers seasonally, and some don’t carry them at all.
  • If you can’t find them, substitute Non-organic cucumbers—those are the long thin ones wrapped tightly in plastic. Avoid using regular fat cucumbers, as they are coated with wax and prone to bitterness.

This is my favourite salad to serve with my Restaurant Style Lahori Mutton Karahi recipe. It just works so well with Tawa fish and the sweetness of the Apricot Chutney. I highly recommend serving this up with some extra Cucumber on the side. 

Bismillah let’s get started. 

Check it out Hot and Sour Noodles Recipe and printable version here!!

Want more Salad Inspiration? 

Here are some other salad recipes on my blog:

Put your own spin on it. And lemme know how it turns out and do take a few seconds to rate it! I would love to see your recreations so tag me on instagram @recipestable or Facebook (Recipestable) or on Twitter so I can see how lovely yours turn out.

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