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Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding Recipe

This Egg Pudding. Wow.

Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding
Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding

Egg Pudding

 Have you ever wanted something so bad you think you’d die if you don’t have it? And when you think you’ve finally gotten it, its snatched away from you?

If yes, then this Egg Pudding is especially for you.

Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding

Eat it warm, eat it cold; it provides comfort like no other.

Egg pudding is just one of those things that never fails to bring a smile on your face or warmth to your toes. Its rich, its smooth, and it is so so SO easy to make even my fogged up brain can whip it up. Just needs a little bit of patience and whole lot of whisking!

Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding
Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding

Egg Pudding was my most favorite treat growing up. This easy dessert can be quickly made for festive occasions. Surprise everyone and get loads of compliments by making this easy egg pudding. 

Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding
Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding

Here’s a recipe for making a easy, simple, yet rich, smooth and satisfying egg pudding. I made this for my family and it totally rocked!! They said it was the most creamiest and richest egg pudding they’ve ever tasted. I never had any leftovers, and it would never be enough for them (lol). The only thing I WOULD get however, would be requests to make more!

Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding
Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding

The creamy texture of this soft-smooth pudding is so inviting, you could call it comfort food. This recipe for egg pudding has a pleasant vanilla flavor complemented by cinnamon or nutmeg. This is the best dessert. I like it most for its sponginess. And it is also very easy to make with in 35 minutes.

Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding
Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding

Some Important Tips to Make Best Egg Pudding: 

Learn how to make best Egg Pudding by following these tips and tricks.

  1. One-dish Pudding: Recipe can be baked in lightly greased 1-1/2 qt. soufflé or baking dish. Pour hot water to within 1 inch of top of dish. Increase baking time to 35 to 40 minutes.
  2. No-mess pouring: Make pudding in a bowl with a pouring lip, or transfer it to a large glass measure, to make filling pudding cups easier and neater.
  3. For perfectly smooth custard: Strain it through a sieve when filling pudding cups or baking dish to remove any tough egg strands.
  4. Don’t skip the hot-water bath. A hot water bath, insulates the pudding from the direct heat of the oven and promotes even cooking so the edges don’t overcook before the center is done. Very hot tap water will do.
  5. When is it done? Baked Pudding  should be removed from the oven (and water bath) before the center is completely set. The center will jiggle slightly when dish or cup is gently shaken. Pudding will continue to “cook” after it’s removed and center will firm up quickly. Over baked Pudding may curdle.
  6. The knife test: Test for doneness with a thin-bladed knife. Insert knife about 1 inch from the center of the dish. If knife is clean when pulled out, the pudding is done. If pudding clings to the blade, bake a few minutes longer and test again.
  7. Serving Options: You can have this yummy dessert by adding dry fruits, jelly or caramel, but today I am making the basic one. 

If you are craving for something sweet yet easy dessert in this foggy weather, nothing could be better than this Egg Pudding.  Do try it, your kids are going to fall in love with this proteins and calcium rich dessert. You can also serve this dessert for your next party and this will definitely not going to disappoint your guests.

Check it out the Easy Smooth & Rich Egg Pudding recipe and printable version here!!

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Put your own spin on it. And lemme know how it turns out. Post a photo on Facebook (Recipestable) or  on Twitter so I can see how lovely yours turn out.

Happy Baking!!

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