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Hot and Sour Noodles Recipe

Hot and Sour Noodles Recipe – Just Like the Restaurants Make...

Who needs takeout when homemade tastes better and you’re in control of the ingredients. Next time when you crave Chinese food, instead of take-out, make this quick, easy and Incredibly delicious hot and sour noodles. Perfect comfort food and a a hearty meal, full of veggies, egg noodles and fried chicken, that’s ready in under 30 minutes!
Chicken Stir Fried Noodles

Chicken Stir Fried Noodles Recipe

Jump To Recipe Print Recipe Aslam-o-Alakaum My Lovelies !!  In the Name of...

Spring Fried Beef Recipe

Spring Fried Beef An easy Spring Fried Beef Recipe with the classic ginger, peanut and green chili combination. If you love chinese food, you will...

Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe

Sweet and Sour Fish This Sweet and Sour Fish recipe is one of the easiest and quickest  dish that you can make. Deep fried fish with...

Prawn Jalfrezi Recipe

Prawn Jalfrezi Having had a few days of rich heavy food, my family wanted me to cook something lighter. It's full of flavour and very...

Walnut Chicken Recipe

Quick and easy walnut chicken recipe which help you get dinner on the table in 1 hour or less. Must try out this Walnut...

Chinese Dry Beef Chilli Recipe

Chinese Dry Beef Chilli A simple and quick Chinese Dry Beef Chilli Recipe that is going to give you the taste of authentic Chinese food....
Tawa Chicken Bharta Recipe

Recipe: Tawa Chicken Bharta

Tawa Chicken Bharta Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Servings: 6 Ingredients Nutrition 4 boneless chicken breasts, cut...

Ginger Beef Recipe

Beef strips and vegetables are cooked in tangy sauce with ginger and served over hot rice. Check it out the ginger beef recipe here!! ...

Tamarind Beef Recipe

Tamarind paste really makes this dish. It adds a tangy touch to what might be otherwise just another beef stir fry. Check it out the Tamarind Beef recipe...

Spicy Orange Beef Recipe

Spicy Orange Beef made with juicy and tender slices of steak coated in an orange garlic-ginger sauce in just 30 minutes! Hints of orange and a touch of heat dress up a classic combination. This stir-fry is a good weekday dinner recipe.

Beef and Broccoli Recipe

Beef strips are stir-fried with broccoli and simmered in a tangy tomato-soy sauce.This tasty dish is sure to please your dinner time crowd. Check...

Asian Fire Meat Recipe

Asian Fire Meat is a sweet and spicy Chinese recipe made with beef steak, soy sauce, carrot, leek, red onion and sesame seeds. It’s...
Beef Chow Mein (Restaurant Style )

Restaurant Style Beef Chow Mein Recipe

This is a quick and easy meal but make sure you have everything ready before beginning to cook. This is my basic recipe for...

Honey Beef Stir Fry Recipe

 A little sweet and a little spicy perfect blend of flavors. So set ingredients and try this honey beef stir fry recipe. Prep Time:5...

Light and Easy Stir fry recipe

This Light and easy stir fry recipe is aromatic and full of flavors. Serve over Rice. Check it out Light and Easy Stir-Fry recipe here: Ready...



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