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Mutton Kaleji Recipe

Mutton Kaleji Few people don't like liver dishes they have kind of allergic with that smell but if this recipe is tried, for sure they...

Sindhi Elaichi Gosht Recipe

Sindhi Elaichi Gosht Lamb curry cooked with Cardamom (elaichi gosht). Goes great with chapati or rice. A must try recipe !! Check it out the Sindhi Elaichi...

Spicy Mutton Curry Recipe

Spicy Mutton Curry Its a traditional mutton curry, which is done with a slight variation,easy to cook, and taste delicious.Spicy mutton curry, rich in colour...

Recipe: Karahi Gosht (Mutton Karahi)

Aslam-o-Alakaum My Lovelies !!  In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Karahi Gosht (Mutton Karahi) One of the most wanted curries of Pakistani cuisine is Karahi so...

Achari Keema Recipe

Achari Keema Even if we have tried the most fascinating and delicious foods from around the globe, we still come back to our authentic classic...

Recipe: Masala Mutton Chops (Mutton Chops Curry)

Masala Mutton Chops Mutton ribs is probably the most flavorful part of goat's meat and mutton chops is ranked as the one of the most...

Matka or Chinioty Gosht Recipe

Matka or Chinioty Gosht Update your menu by adding this simple Matka or Chinioty Gosht Recipe. try it and enjoy. Check it out the Matka or Chinioty...

Recipe: Black Pepper Mutton

 Black Pepper Mutton Ingredients of Black Pepper Mutton: 1 kg Mutton salt to taste 1 tbsp ginger paste 1 tbsp garlic paste 1/2 tsp black...

Seekh kebab Recipe

Seekh Kebab These make mouthwatering starters or are good for a party. They can also be served as part of a main course. Everyone always...

Mutton Paya Recipe

Mutton Paya (Mutton Trotters)  Eid ul Azha is near that is why women are in quest of all sorts of mutton and beef recipes so...



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