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  • Tandoori Spiced Baked Chicken in Yogurt Masala Recipe

    Tandoori Spiced Baked Chicken in Yogurt Masala Recipe

    Well, when I am sad and tired and overall cranky, I likes to eat the food prepared by my mothers hand, the flavorful easy to make food I grew up eating and these Tandoori Spiced Baked Chicken in Yogurt Masala hit the spot. Neither World’s most expensive dish Nor World’s best restaurant can compete Home Cooked […]

  • Chicken Tikka Recipe

    Chicken Tikka Try this Chicken Tikka Recipe and make hot aromatic chicken Tikka at home.This yummy, comforting recipe will make you and your family happy. Check it out the Chicken Tikka Recipes here!! [divider] [one_fourth]Prep Time:20 minutes + marination[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Cook Time:20 minutes[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Servings:4 [/one_fourth] [one_fourth_last]Difficulty Level: Very Easy[/one_fourth_last] [divider] [tabs type=”horizontal”] [tabs_head] [tab_title]Ingredients[/tab_title] [tab_title]Nutrition[/tab_title] [/tabs_head] […]

  • BBQ Chicken Tikka Recipe

    BBQ Chicken Tikka I know Chicken Tikka are always lovable and are hit in the demand list but now you should try this Special BBQ Chicken Tikka recipe instead of that same usual ones.These are so irresistibly aromatic. Check it out the BBQ Chicken Tikka Recipe here!! [divider] [one_fourth]Prep Time:15 minutes + marination[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Cook Time:20 minutes[/one_fourth] […]

  • African Tikka Recipe

    African Tikka This juicy, moist and flavorful African Tikka will soon become your go-to grilling. Give it a try and don’t forget to share your experience with us!! Check it out the African Tikka Recipe here!! [divider] [one_fourth]Prep Time:15 minutes + marination[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Cook Time:20 minutes[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Servings: 4[/one_fourth] [one_fourth_last]Difficulty Level: Easy[/one_fourth_last] [divider] [tabs type=”horizontal”] [tabs_head] [tab_title]Ingredients[/tab_title] [tab_title]Nutrition[/tab_title] [/tabs_head] […]

  • Chili Chicken Legs Recipe

    Chili Chicken Legs A tasty version of Chicken drumsticks with a bit of sweetness and spiciness. Easy and delicious Asian style chicken drumsticks. Sweet chili sauce adds an Asian flavour. Must try this Chili Chicken Legs Recipe, you’ll love it. Check it out the Chili Chicken Legs Recipe here !! [divider] [one_fourth]Prep Time:10 minutes[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Cook Time:20 […]

  • Restaurant-Style Tandoori Chicken in the Oven Recipe

    Tandoori Murgh Today I am posting the easy Tandoori Murgh Recipe. We love Tandoori chicken a lot.This is the best Tandoori murgh ever. Tangy, Spicy, Juicy Chicken. This Classic tandoori murgh is marinated in yogurt, lemon juice, and plenty of spices, then grilled or broiled. Give it a try, you’ ll love it. Check it […]

  • Grilled Chicken with Spices Recipe

    Grilled Chicken with Spices This is a slightly hot spices, tomato and vinegar based marinade that adds wonderful flavors to grilled chicken. Must try this Grilled Chicken with Spices recipe, you’ll love it. Check it out the Grilled Chicken with Spices Recipe Here !! [divider] [one_fourth]Prep Time:10 minutes + marination[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Cook Time:25 minutes[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Servings: 6[/one_fourth] [one_fourth_last]Difficulty […]

  • Miniature Kebab Recipe

    Miniature Kebab Insert tooth picks in chicken cubes and set aside.Heat oil in a grilling pan. Grill Chicken on it for 10 minutes or until chicken is tender.Try this Miniature Kebab Recipe, hope you’ll love it. Check it out the Miniature Kebab Recipe  here!! Prep Time:10 minutes + marination Cook Time:15 minutes Servings: 4 Ingredients 500 gm boneless […]

  • Espetada Chicken Recipe

    Espetada Chicken Recipe

    Espetada Chicken Espetada Chicken is a famous Nandos recipes in whcih chicken and vegetables thread on skewer and it serves with rice. If you have any question about this Espetada Chicken recipe then you can ask by using comment box and we will clarify your confusion.     Prep Time:10 minutes Cook Time:20 minutes Servings: 4 Ingredients: For […]

  • Tandoori Chicken Tikka Recipe

    Tandoori Chicken Tikka Tandoori chicken Tikka is a Pakistani recipe, in which the chicken is flavoured with yogurt and different spices, and then roasted.  You are sure to find it almost any where around the world in every restaurant. For some reason days seem to get shorter and busier. However one can always BBQ,even when short on […]

  • Pineapple Chicken Tenders Recipe

    Pineapple Chicken Tenders Delicious little bites for an appetizer or a light meal with a salad. Skewered chicken tenders are brushed with a tropical mixture of pineapple juice, brown sugar, soy sauce and pepper, then grilled. Must try out this Pineapple Chicken tenders recipe. This Pineapple Chicken tenders recipe will help you to make a […]

  • Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs Recipe

    Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs Honey chicken kabobs with veggies …Yum Yum Yummy!! This is a quick and easy grilled entree recipe made with honey, lemon juice, soy sauce and garlic for a fabulous marinade. For these Honey Chicken Kabobs, the key ingredient in the kabob marinade is honey and it adds the perfect, subtle sweetness. […]

  • Tikka Boti Recipe

    Tikka Boti Are your kids having a party? This Tikka Boti is delicious to serve in kid’s party. This Tikka Boti recipe is great to serve BBQ lovers. Marinade meat in yogurt and spices as much time you have for a passionate taste. No need to boil chicken yet red meat needs to boil as […]

  • Recipe: Hammer Chili Chicken

     Hammer Chili Chicken  You will enjoy making this hammer chili chicken. The presentation of this dish is simply lovely. You can serve it on top of rice, with baked potatoes, french fried, salads or sauces of choice or however you feel like. Must try this Hammer Chili Chicken recipe! Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 15 […]

  • Recipe: Chargha (Oven Roasted Chicken)

    Chargha (Oven Roasted Chicken) Moist, tender and spicy, this very simple yet incredibly delicious chicken chargha recipe is the ideal one for those who love roast chicken but find the whole oven-roasting/baking process too daunting.  Prep Time: 2 hours Cook Time: 40 minutes  Servings: 5 Ingredients 1 whole chicken 250 gm natural yogurt 2 tbsp […]

  • 15 Minute Marinated Chicken Recipe

    This quick and easy chicken breast recipe is flavored with lemon, Worcestershire sauce, tarragon and mustard. Pan grill, broil, or grill these tasty marinated chicken breasts. It’s a low fat chicken recipe that will be a nice addition to summer cookouts and picnics. Check it out 15-Minute Marinated Chicken recipe here!! [one_third] Prep Time: 15 minutes[/one_third] […]