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Roasted Herb Chicken Recipe

Roasted Herb Chicken Want a roasted herb chicken that is juicy inside without the use of a baking bag or flour? Then try this Roasted...

Flavorful Tandoori Roast Chicken Recipe

Tandoori Roast Chicken A Tandoori Roast Chicken Recipe that has a distinctive desi-twist to it. It is flavorful and spicy, without compromising on the authentic...

Lahori Chargha Recipe

Lahori Chargha Try this tasty Lahori Chargha recipe __ one of the famous food of  Lahore for special eid dinner or lunch. Check it out the Lahori...

Chatkhara Murgh Musallam

Chatkhara Murgh Musallam Murgh Musallam is a specialty of Pakistani cuisine. You can try this Chatkhara Murgh Musallam Recipe without any hesitation to get perfect...

Kashmiri Chicken Recipe

Kashmiri Chicken I am of Kashmiri origin.My forefather were from Kashmir. I cooked amazing Kashmiri food. Today, I' m sharing another Kashmiri Chicken recipe with...
Masala Steam Chicken

Recipe: Masala Steam Chicken

Masala Steam Chicken A very tasty masala steam chicken recipe   is given to you that is certainly a tasty way to enjoy chicken, as spices...

Easy Chicken and Rice Recipe

Easy Chicken and Rice Chicken tonight? Why not--rely on our all-star round-up of easy chicken and rice recipe for creative twists on familiar favorites. This...

Bohri Roast Recipe

Try this Bohri Roast Recipe with a macaroni and spices that'll make you wonder why you didn't try it earlier. Check out the Bohri...

Recipe: Chargha (Oven Roasted Chicken)

Chargha (Oven Roasted Chicken) Moist, tender and spicy, this very simple yet incredibly delicious chicken chargha recipe is the ideal one for those who love...

Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried Chicken An excellent fried chicken recipe for technique as much as anything, as the few coating ingredients of flour, garlic powder and paprika are...

Recipe: Chicken Sajji

Chicken Sajji: Sajji is a native dish of the desert province of Baluchistan, Pakistan. Eid is a big celebration and on this special occasion wonderful...



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