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Looking for almond recipes? Find delicious almond recipes including almond bars, almond cookies, almond custard and more almond recipes.

Date-Filled Sandwich Biscuits Recipe

Date-Filled Sandwich Biscuits Recipe

Easy and impressive, these sandwich biscuits embellish store-bought whole wheat biscuits with a decadent three ingredient date-and-nutty spread that has a honey like sweetness and caramel overtones. Heavenly Delicious !
Almond French Toast Hearts Recipe

Almond French Toast Hearts Recipe

Jump To Recipe Print Recipe Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! In...

Kashmiri Naan Recipe

Kashmiri Naan Kashmiri Naan is nutty and tasty, liked for breakfasts and served best in tea parties.  This Kashmiri naan stuffed with a sweet cashew,...

Honey Date Balls Recipe

Honey Date Balls Honey, almonds and dates make these delish treats. Quick & easy. A great healthy snack or perfect for a lunch box or...

Recipe: Badami Gosht (Mutton Curry with Almonds)

Badami Gosht  Badami Gosht is a highly preferred dish on the festival of Eid ul adha. A superb variation of meat with almond and yogurt...

Dates and Cream Recipe

Dates and Cream It is the Muslim tradition to break a fast with dates because their Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) broke His fast...

Kashmiri Chicken Recipe

Kashmiri Chicken I am of Kashmiri origin.My forefather were from Kashmir. I cooked amazing Kashmiri food. Today, I' m sharing another Kashmiri Chicken recipe with...

Stuffed Dates with Nuts and Honey

Stuffed Dates with Nuts and Honey Dates and dry nuts have health properties which are beneficial for our body. No iftar is ever complete without...

Badami Kulfa Recipe

Badami Kulfa is heart favorite frozen dessert of all age groups. Rather to buy it, you can make it home easily. Making Badami Kulfa...

Recipe: Badami Kofta Curry

Badami Kofta Curry The koftas (meatballs) in this dish can be made with beef, lamb or chicken. It makes a great meal when served with...

Badami Keema Recipe

 Badami Keema Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 40 minutes Servings: 5 Ingredients 500 gm ground meat 1/2 cup oil 1/2 cup Almonds, blanched ...

Almond Chicken Casserole Recipe

A creamy and delicious chicken casserole that is perfect for a festive brunch or luncheon, or a casual dinner. Mayonnaise and soup stirred into...

Badam Kheer Recipe

Badam Kheer Badam kheer is a milk based dessert where ground almonds are cooked in milk and sugar and flavoured with saffron and cardamom powder....
Almond Tea

Almond Tea Recipe

A delicious and healthy Almond tea recipe that is easy to make at home. Almond extract gives traditional tea a tasty twist. It is...

Almond Strawberry Salad Recipe

Everyone loves this pretty salad that’s topped with strawberries and sliced almonds. Check it out Almond Strawberry Salad recipe here!! Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook...

Almond Crusted French Toast Recipe

These delicious Almond Crusted French Toast are ideal for special occasions. It seems so simple, but the almonds and dusting of powdered sugar make...



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