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Egg and Chicken Biryani Recipe

Egg and Chicken Biryani Biryani: Whenever we hear this word it always gives us a mouth watering feeling. Kids or Adult, boys or girls, Biryani...

Recipe:Omelette Curry

Omelette Curry  This delicious Pakistani-inspired Omelette Curry will certainly awaken your groggy taste-buds! Check it out the Omelette Curry recipe here!! Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes  Servings: 4 Ingredients ...

Egg Fenugreek Pakora Recipe

 Aslam-o-Alakaum My Readers !!  In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Egg Fenugreek Pakora Bismillah, let's begin! Check it out the Egg Fenugreek Pakora Recipe and printable version below.

Egg Puff Recipe

Puffs are the easiest snack to make and this is the first time I have tried Egg puffs. Try this Egg Puff Recipe, hope...

Egg Curry Recipe

Egg is a versatile cooking ingredient. Many people who do not eat meat eat eggs. The flavorful aroma of this saucy egg curry will...

Recipe: Spicy Egg Korma

Spicy Egg korma is a very common recipe and anyone can make it. This is an inviting egg curry that is loved by all...

Pizza Egg Roll Recipe

My family love these very untraditional egg rolls. Their crisp wrappers and flavorful pizza filling make them taste so good. Check it out the...

Walnut Halwa Recipe

Walnut Halwa Winter's most rich, healthiest sweet dish walnut halwa is utter tasty. You can add any nuts and dry fruits as desired. A must...

Szechuan Chicken Recipe

Ingredients of Szechuan Chicken: 1 medium size Chicken Oil For deep frying For the Marinade: Ginger paste 1 tsp. Garlic paste 1 tsp. Chili paste...



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