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A simple fish tikka sandwich that can be made with any white fish fillets. Served on toasted bread slices with boiled egg, lettuce leaves and cabbage coleslaw. YUM YUM YUMMY Treat!!

Fish Tikka Sandwich Recipe

Jump To Recipe Print Recipe A simple fish tikka sandwich that...

Recipe: Fish Tikka Boti

Fish Tikka Boti Today i am sharing Fish Tikka Boti recipe for all Fish lovers. It is a very healthy diet as it contains the...

Recipe: Fried Fish Tikka

Fried Fish Tikka In this recipe, fish tikka is prepared on a hot griddle or pan _ A new style of a classic fish Tikka....

Fish Tikka Recipe

Fish Tikka Fish is great source to control cholesterol level with great taste. This Fish tikka is best for heart patients also. This delicious fish...

Recipe: Fish Tikka Shashlik

Fish Tikka Shashlik Fish tikka shashlik is quite popular among all fish lovers in the world. Here, I'm providing you an easy recipe for preparing...

Recipe: Spicy Fish Tikka

Fish tikka is a popular fish dish among all fish lovers. Here, we are providing you with an easy recipe for preparing Spicy Fish...

Recipe: Tandoori Fish Tikka

Tandoori Fisk tikka recipe are always a delight. Especially with the kind of rainy weather we are having now, fish tikka recipes will be especially...



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