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Chili Chicken Legs Recipe

Chili Chicken Legs A tasty version of Chicken drumsticks with a bit of sweetness and spiciness. Easy and delicious Asian style chicken drumsticks. Sweet chili...

Grilled Chicken with Spices Recipe

Grilled Chicken with Spices This is a slightly hot spices, tomato and vinegar based marinade that adds wonderful flavors to grilled chicken. Must try this...
Mutton Tikka recipe

Recipe: Mutton Tikka

Mutton Tikka  Restaurant food made at home! Did you know it could be so easy? Just follow this Mutton tikka recipe and make delicious mutton...

Chicken Dhaga Kabab Recipe

Chicken Dhaga Kabab Just about everyone has eaten a kabab at one time or another in their lifetime. Kababs are skewered meats and vegetables cooked...

Tandoori Boti Recipe

Tandoori Boti  Tandoori Boti is a very popular sort of fast food that is common in Pakistan and India. It's really good for people who...

Recipe: Fish Tikka Shashlik

Fish Tikka Shashlik Fish tikka shashlik is quite popular among all fish lovers in the world. Here, I'm providing you an easy recipe for preparing...

Recipe: Spicy Fish Tikka

Fish tikka is a popular fish dish among all fish lovers. Here, we are providing you with an easy recipe for preparing Spicy Fish...

Recipe: Tandoori Fish Tikka

Tandoori Fisk tikka recipe are always a delight. Especially with the kind of rainy weather we are having now, fish tikka recipes will be especially...

Recipe: Turkish Shish Kebabs with Garlicky Tahini

Turkish Shish Kebabs Turkish Shish Kebabs with Garlicky Thiani Recipe For Garlicky Thaini Sauce2 cloves garlic (minced)3/4 teaspoon kosher salt1/2 cup tahini7 tablespoons lemon...



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