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Chicken Shashlik Sticks Recipe

Jump To Recipe Print Recipe  Delicious, tender, juicy Chicken...
Veggie Pizza Cups recipe

Veggie Pizza Cups Recipe

Jump To Recipe Print Recipe As a child I...
Chapli Kebab Pizza

Chapli Kebab Pizza Recipe (An Italian-Pakistani Twist)

Jump To Recipe Print Recipe Give pizza night...

Recipe: Cheese Pakora (Paneer Pakora)

Cheese Pakora (Paneer Pakora) Ah fried cheese, is there anything more indulgent? Paneer Pakora is made with cottage cheese and besan. It makes a great...

Recipe: The Best Chicken Fingers

 The Best Chicken Fingers  Restaurant food made at home! Did you know it could be so easy? Chicken Fingers recipe is an easy to make finger...

Recipe: Fish Biscuits

Fish Biscuits  Among so many fish recipes,  Fish Biscuits is one of delicious recipe. Must try a Fish biscuits recipe !! Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time:...

Homemade Pizza Pockets Recipe

Homemade Pizza Pockets This week things are super crazy, so I decided to make a pizza pocket version. They are seriously so easy to make...

Recipe: Cheese Chaat

Cheese Chaat There are many ways to include cheese in your meals and here is one chatpata way _ that of cheese chaat. Cheese Chaat...

Recipe: Finger Fish

Finger Fish Simple and fun to make, these fish sticks are bound to become one of your family's favorite quick dinners. Kids will love this homemade...

Recipe: Chicken Russian Kebabs

Chicken Russian Kebabs  Bismillah, let’s get started! Check it out the Chicken Russian Kebabs  Recipe and printable version below! Chicken Russian Kebabs Recipe 4 boneless chicken...

Recipe: Keema Pakora (Minced Meat Fritters)

Pakora is a famous snack of Pakistani cuisine and every one like to eat it. Chicken pakoras are common but chicken keema pokaras are...

Recipe: Spicy Chicken Fingers

Spicy Chicken Fingers Spicy Chicken Fingers 2 boneless chicken breasts (cut into strips)1 medium onion1 capsicum4 cloves garlic (crushed)2 green chilies6 whole red chilies2...



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