Chapati Rolls Stuffed with Mince Recipe

Chapati Rolls Stuffed with Mince

A simple and nutritious snack, chapati (flatbread) stuffed with spicy mince filling, salad and chutney, perfect for busy morning breakfast and also lunch. Plain chapati’s can often come across as boring and many people turn up their noses at the mere mention of them! So Today, I come up with an innovative way to present chapati’s, that’s filling, nutritious and super yummy.

Chapati Rolls Stuffed with Mince
Photo: Chapati Rolls Stuffed with Mince

One of my favorite things to eat is a roll stuffed with goodies.I enjoy food that I can eat with my hands and this dish is no exception. It’s very easy to make and delicious to eat. These chapati rolls is excellent for suhoor meals that can be made quickly with the left over chapati’s.

 Chapati Rolls Stuffed with Mince
Photo: Chapati Rolls Stuffed with Mince

Also Perfect to bring on a trip or a picnic as they are easy to wrap and taste just as great when eaten lukewarm or chilled. Give a try and enjoy.

Bismillah, let’s get started!

Check it out the Chapati Rolls Stuffed with Mince recipe and printable version below.

Recipe Note’s:

  1. You can also stuff these chapati rolls with chicken or beef mince, or colorful veggies.
  2. If you prepare the chapatis ahead make sure to store them in an airtight container. If not they will become very hard and dry. 


I have also posted Shami Kabab Paratha Rolls Recipe which is another easiest & tastiest version of making Paratha Rolls. Do check it out as well.  It’s finger lickin’ good. You’ll be coming back for more. 

Put your own spin on it. And lemme know how it turns out. Post a photo on Facebook (Recipestable) or  on Twitter so I can see how lovely yours turn out.

Happy Cooking!!

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