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  • Chapati Rolls Stuffed with Mince Recipe

    Chapati Rolls Stuffed with Mince Recipe

    Chapati Rolls Stuffed with Mince A simple and nutritious snack, chapati (flatbread) stuffed with spicy mince filling, salad and chutney, perfect for busy morning breakfast and also lunch. Plain chapati’s can often come across as boring and many people turn up their noses at the mere mention of them! So Today, I come up with an […]

  • Carrot Chapati Recipe

    Carrot Chapati This carrot multi-grain chapati is high in nutrition. The carrot is extremely rich in vitamin A, which provides antioxidant effects to the body. This Carrot Chapati recipe is a simple and delicious. Kids love to eat and Its a good way to give our kid a healthy dish. Check it out the Carrot Chapati Recipe here!! [divider] […]

  • Recipe: Mint Roti (Pudina Roti)

    Mint Roti (Pudina Roti) Mint is a magic ingredient, which adds zing to any preparation, however simple. Here is a simple process of dry roasting and crushing the leaves boosts the aroma of mint extraordinarily, adding a flavourful punch to the whole wheat flour rotis. Pudina roti is such a healthy dish with a wonderful aroma. […]

  • Layered Chapati Recipe

    Ingredients: For the Chapaties: 2 cups wheat flour 1 tbsp ghee or butter 1/2 tsp salt For dipping the chapaties 1/2 cup milk 2 tsp plain flour For the Stuffing: 2 boiled potatoes, mashed 2 cups mixed boiled vegetables, mashed (French beans, carrots, cauliflower, green peas etc.) 1 onion, finely chopped 1 tomato, finely chopped […]

  • Chapati Recipe

    Chapati Chapati is a [highlight]Pakistani and Indian flatbread[/highlight]. It’s also called “Roti”. Chapati accompanies most Pakistani and Indian meat, vegetable and lentil curries. This is a most basic and simple recipe of Chapati. If you want to make these ahead, keep them moist and pliable under a damp towel. Do try it!! Check it out the Chapati Recipe […]