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  • Recipe: Bread Cutlets

    Bread Cutlets A delicious and hearty snack which can be served as a starter, appetizer or simply evening snack. This easy bread cutlets recipe uses bread, potatoes, boiled green peas and few veggies and uses shallow fry technique to make them stomach filling and healthy. Whether you serve it with tea or green chutney, you […]

  • Sesame Potato Cutlets Recipe

    Sesame Potato Cutlets Potato Cutlet is a mouthwatering appetizer of Pakistani origin, these tantalizing fried potato cutlets are spiced up with red pepper, mango powder, and chopped fresh mint and coriander. Do try it!! Potatoes which can also called as Meal Maker here is my favorite stuff.I can eat it all day, I don’t know why; […]

  • Potato Peas Cutlets Recipe

    Potato Peas Cutlets (Matar Cutlets) This Potato Peas Cutlets Recipe  will help you add a twist to your Tea Time Snack. Must Try this Potato Peas Cutlets Recipe and don’t forget to share your experience with us!! Check it out the Potato Peas Cutlets Recipe here! Potato Peas Cutlets Recipe 1 cup boiled peas (mashed) 4 […]

  • Peshawari Potato Kebab Recipe

    Peshawari Potato Kebab Its the Vegetarian version of chapli kabab; ingredients are of Peshawari kebab but used potatoes instead of meat. I like these crispy Peshawari Potato Kebab (cutlets).Top of all its easy to make and if you want any thing classy in few minutes then you should go for this Peshawari Potato Kebab recipe. Lunch […]

  • Aloo Daal Kabab Recipe

    Aloo Daal Kabab Fed up from meaty dishes? Want some change in week days? Try out this easy and tasty Aloo Daal Kabab recipe. These kababs are very easy to prepare and gives you unique taste. You can also enjoy these kababs  as a tea time snack.. Must try it out this Aloo Daal Kabab […]

  • Aloo Tikki (Potato Patties) Recipe

    Aloo Tikki (Potato Patties) Aloo Tikki is everyone’s favorite. Its simple enough to make and a lot simpler to disappear. Make delicious Aloo Tikki (Potato Patties) by using this simple recipe Aloo Tikki was one of the first few things I learnt to prepare as a young teenager growing up in Pakistan. Of course it […]

  • Recipe: Vegetable Cutlets

    Vegetable Cutlets Vegetable cutlets are very easy to make and can be had as an appetizer or light afternoon snack or evening snack with tea. It is also great for small parties and get together. Check it out the Vegetable Cutlets recipe here!! Vegetable Cutlets 4 Potatoes 1 Onion (finely chopped) 2 cups Chopped vegetables […]