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Tawa Fish Recipe

Jump To Recipe Print Recipe Tawa Fish A quick Tawa Fish recipe...
Lahori Nan Khatai Recipe

Lahori Nan Khatai Recipe

Jump To Recipe Print Recipe Lahori Nan Khatai Nan Khatai is an...

Lahori Chargha Recipe

Lahori Chargha Try this tasty Lahori Chargha recipe __ one of the famous food of  Lahore for special eid dinner or lunch. Check it out the Lahori...

Recipe: Murgh Cholay (Chicken and Chickpea Curry)

Murgh Cholay  Lahore's most famous dish murgh cholay (Chicken and Chickpea Curry) is utterly tasty and spicy dish. Its prepared in chicken, chick peas with...
Tawa Gosht Recipe

Tawa Gosht Recipe

Tawa Gosht Tawa Gosht is a special Pakistani Restaurant and Roadside dish cooked on a large Iron griddle (tawa) to impart special flavours. A must...

Lahori Chicken Tikka Recipe

Lahori Chicken Tikka recipe _  a delicious dish in which pre-marinated pieces of chicken are grilled. The result is a lovely smokey flavor. This...

Lahori Kulcha Recipe

Lahori Kulcha is a popular flat-bread from Pakistan. kulcha are very famous in Lahore. These soft textured breads are easy to prepare and delicious...

Lahori Murgh Recipe

I think my readers will be happy seeing some Pakistani recipes here. This time I have brought a simple chicken curry for you, Lahori...

Steam Chicken Chargha Recipe

Steam Chicken Chargha There is nothing batter than this mouthwatering Steam Chicken Chargha Recipe. Spicy and soft Steam Chicken with typical aroma of chargha. This...



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