Potato Egg Pakora Bites Recipe (Family Favorite Snack)

Happy Ramadan to you all!

May this month be full of blessings, happiness, and peace for you and your family. As much as we must be eating light, Ramadan is the month when we end up eating most of the greasy stuff. All kind of fried dishes are made in the name of iftar.

The first word that comes into your mind when you think about an iftari is? Yes its pakora! Pakoras are one snack associated with Iftar here in Pakistan.  Truly, a Pakistani iftar is incomplete without the presence of a mighty pakora. The word pakora is derived from a Sanskrit word “pakvavata” which means small food lump (pakva means cooked and vata means small lump). Pakoras can be made out of anything, from a simple potato, daal mung, spinach, chicken or even cheese.

 Potato Pakora Sandwiches recipe
Photo: Potato Pakora Sandwiches

Today, I came up with an amazing idea of making Pakora’s. It’s our family favorite snack. I love these Potato Pakora sandwiches so much. Sinking your teeth into crisp Pakora sandwiches is a sensual pleasure. It has all the textures and flavors one would need in a Pakistani snack.  

Try this recipe and turn your favorite Pakora’s into bite sized sandwiches, stuffed with eggs (or your favorite stuffing).  It’s a perfect recipe for a quick and easy Iftar Snack. A great new way to make Pakoras!

To prepare this delicious pakora first egg slice covered in between 2 thin potato slices then dipped in spicy chickpea (besan) batter then deep fried.

Within every bite of this snack you will enjoy a variety of flavors and textures. Spicy Red pepper flakes and herbs give nice pops of heat and a soft slice of boiled egg in between potato sandwich, and a crispy coating of the chickpea flour. You just need a hot cup of tea or coffee to complement it and turn it into a heavenly delight!

Potato Pakora Sandwiches Recipe
Photo: Potato Pakora Sandwiches Recipe

I think I have talked enough about this mouth-watering Iftar or Rainy Day Snack. I insist you to make it ASAP, If you haven’t tried Potato Pakora sandwiches yet. Once you taste these heavenly, crispy and delish bites, you will know what pleasure I am talking about.
Try this recipe and give your ordinary Pakora a delicious makeover with this Potato Pakora sandwiches recipe!It’s a perfect snack for get-together’s. And surely will be loved by everyone. Don’t be surprised if it disappears in a flash!

Let’s learn to make Potato Pakora Sandwiches !!

Peel hard boiled eggs and cut into slices with egg cutter. Set aside. Now peel potatoes then cut them into thin round slices. Soak in cold water. Meanwhile, Take a large mixing bowl. Add chickpea flour(besan), red chili, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, black pepper and salt and mix well. Add enough water to make a smooth batter, and whisk well to avoid any lumps.

Now prepare pakora sandwiches, first take an egg slice covered in between two thin slices. Repeat this method with rest of the potato and egg slices. Sprinkle seasoning, chili flakes, garlic powder and a pinch of salt over it. Keep aside.

Potato Pakora Sandwiches recipe
Photo: Potato Pakora Sandwiches

Heat the oil in a deep pan over medium heat. Dip one potato egg sandwich in the batter. Make sure to cover on all sides.

Potato Pakora Sandwiches recipe
Photo: Potato Pakora Sandwiches recipe

Put sandwich in a hot oil and deep-fry on a medium heat till it turns crisp and golden brown in colour from both the sides.

Photo: Potato Pakora Sandwiches recipe
fry till they turn crispy and golden from the both sides.

Remove from the oil and drain on kitchen paper. Transfer into a serving platter.  Sprinkle a pinch of red pepper flakes and fresh herbs. 

Potato Pakora Sandwiches recipe
Photo: Potato Pakora Sandwiches

They pair well with coriander and mint sauce or ketchup and a strong cup of tea. Give your taste buds a treat with this crunchy Potato Pakora sandwiches. Perfect for when you’d like to serve something a little out of the ordinary. This evening tea time snack would rock at your place anytime. 

Check it out the Potato Pakora Sandwiches recipe and printable version here!!

I have also posted Sesame Chicken Pakora and Noodles Pakora which are another easiest & tastiest version of making pakora at home. Do check it out as well.  It’s finger lickin’ good. You’ll be coming back for more. 

Put your own spin on it. And lemme know how ilet turns out. Post a photo on Facebook (Recipestable) or  on Twitter so I can see how lovely yours turn out.

Happy & Blessed Iftar Making!!

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