Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe

Do something different on burger night…take it to another level ! If you’ve made roast lamb but don’t know what to do with the leftovers, then make this best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe. This burger is next-level!

Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe
Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe

Who said that roasted lamb is just a one-hit wonder, right? You can pretty much reuse the leftovers from a roasted lamb dinner for a couple or more days in the week. There are plenty of fantastic ways to revamp leftover roast and give them delicious, new life! The simplest way to revamp leftover roast is to make tasty Roasted Lamb Burgers!

In essence, some of the leftover roasted lamb might get a bit dry if you don’t use the leftovers immediately. So shoving those pieces of meat into a burger with a rich sauce is the perfect solution. With this roasted lamb burger recipe, you’ll feel like you’re having a cosy Sunday meal any day of the week you want.

Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe
Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe

There’s nothing more satisfying than making a delicious roasted lamb burger. You know the kind….fluffy bun topped with a juicy meat that’s piled high in flavorful toppings?

Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe
Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe

Ingredients in Roasted Lamb Burgers?

Take your burger night to the next level with homemade lamb burgers! Not only are these simple to make (they require nothing more than leftover roasted lamb, burger buns, sauce and salad leaves), but the topping possibilities are endless, ensuring a little something for every member of your family!

Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe
That’s all you need to make this Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers ! Surprisingly simple ?

This Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe is the EASIEST way to transform your leftover roast into a hearty, scrumptious breakfast/brunch sandwich recipe the next day. Experiment with different sauces or fillings and put your own twist on these burgers. Just make sure that you guard it well if you happen to take it to work. It’s a total standout burger and other colleagues will be eyeing it. Yes, it’s that good!

How do you make Roasted Lamb Burgers?

Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe
Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe

Dry meat isn’t going to make this roasted lamb burger particularly appetizing. Sure, gravy can fix it to an extent, but not really. Your tender, juicy, succulent meat roast from the previous day quickly turns dry and insipid the next day as you reheat it, and that’s enough to ruin a great burger. So here’s the secret to keeping that lamb roast juicy the following day as well – steam the leftover roast in the oven so that the meat stays tender and juicy without drying up!!

Gently reheating the lamb roast wrapped in foil or parchment paper is a simple way to ensure that your leftover lamb roast tastes just as good as it did the previous day. These Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers are juicy, flavorful and super easy to make. Unexpected, yet super homey and familiar!  You’ll love every bite! Be sure to grab my tips below.

Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe
Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe

What To Serve With Roasted Lamb Burgers?

These roasted lamb burgers don’t require a whole lot else to serve along, but if you’re stuck for what to serve alongside your roasted and pulled masterpiece? Don’t worry… here’s some delicious recipes for a little divine inspiration:

  • Crunchy Pickled Kachumber Salad– a sumptuous side dish that’s incredibly easy to whip up, pickled salad take minutes to make and taste amazing
  • Smiley Face Fries – serve these wonderful smiley face fries alongside your roasted classic burger. It’s a very easy side to prepare and tastes fantastic.
  • Creamed peas – these are no ordinary peas. If you want your peas to pack a punch, make these creamy peas. Add them to the side of any roast recipe and you won’t go wrong.
  • Herb Roasted Potatoes with Sour Cream – serve up a batch of sweet potato fries on the side to mop up the gravy and sweet spicy liquid
  • Roasted Lemon Potatoes – another easy sweet potato side that would make a perfect pairing with this roast recipe

Other Extra Additions for this Burger

  • Egg (fried, poached, scrambled, omelet – whatever you like!)
  • Cheese (I didn’t want cheese in mine, but a slice of cheddar would be delicious too)
  • Ice burg leaves
  • carnalized onions
  • jalapeno

But the bottom line is that you just can’t go wrong with this leftover roasted lamb burger! Steam the meat so that it retains that tender, juicy texture, and then go ahead and add whatever you want to add!

Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe
Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe

So, are you ready for the tastiest, most tender melt in your mouth Lamb Burger you’ve ever had? These Roasted Lamb Burgers are, quite simply, sensational.

Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe
And that’s it! This Best Ever Roasted Lamb Burgers Recipe is just awesome!

Bismillah let’s get started.
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More Luscious Lamb Recipes

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What are your favorite burger toppings? Leave me a comment below to inspire my next burger recipe!

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