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Clean Eating Chicken Karahi Recipe

Fat Free Chicken Karahi Recipe

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Karahi Butter Chicken (Makhni Karahi)

Karahi Butter Chicken Recipe (Makhni Karahi)

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Recipe: Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahi  Chicken Karahi is a very delicious and easy to make main dish. You can substitute chicken with mutton, and serve with peas pilaf...

Creamy Chicken Karahi Recipe

Creamy Chicken Karahi Creamy Chicken Karahi is a tempting dish and sure to hit in family. Cream infuse the flavor of chicken. I used chicken...

Recipe: Dhaba Chicken Karahi

Dhaba Chicken Karahi This version of Chicken Karahi is mostly made at roadside shacks (dhaba) in Pakistan and it is truly yummy. Its unique and...

Dhaka Karahi Recipe

Dhaka Karahi  Like all Dhakan recipes simple ingredients are used. Dhaka chicken karahi does have a distinct and wonderful flavour, Crushed spices are used instead...

Peshawari Chicken Karahi Recipe

Peshawari Chicken Karahi Do try this Peshawari Chicken Karahi Recipe !! Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes Servings: 3 Difficulty Level: Easy Ingredients 500 gm...

Lahori Chicken Karahi Recipe

Chicken karahi's are very popular in Pakistan and don't take long to make. Chicken Karahi is a blend of spices and chicken,cooked with onion...

Recipe: Chicken White Karahi

Chicken White Karahi When guest arrive unexpectedly and you just want to make a quick dish. Then this  Chicken white Karahi recipe will help you...



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