Food Blogger Meetup with Neelofer Naeem

Welcome to the newest series on my Website; an interview series with some of my favorite food bloggers. My purpose of this series is to appreciate food blogger work all over the world and share their foodie talent to give you inspiration.

Today we have Neelofer Naeem from NEELO’S KITCHEN:

neelo's kitchen

Me: Dear Neelo’s Aslam-o-Alakaum, “Hope you are doing well, and in good health.”

Neelofer: W’salam, I’m fine thanks :).


Me: Thank you Neelofer for joining us today now first we would love to know about you.  _ tell us a bit you and Your Blog _ A lady behind “Neelo’s Kitchen”?

Neelofer: My Name is Neelofar Naeem. I am from Karachi, Pakistan but settled in UK Since last 9 years. I did my graduation from Khatoon-e-Pakistan college in Arts and as a subject I studied Home Economics.
Since very young age I had a passion of cooking. I watched my mom cooking in Kitchen and wanted to copy her style. I learned basic and traditional cooking by my mom. I like to cook traditional, Authentic and healthy dished for my Family but on other hand I like continental food to so I do keep trying , inventing New dishes and recipes.

Cooking according to me is like Science, Where we do experiments, and invent new everyday! We learn from our mistakes and by Keep trying and not giving up!

While cooking I keep Nutritional Value in my mind too, to make meal healthy but not compromising with taste, so my Family enjoy healthy and yummy food all the time.
Lastly I want to say “What ever Respect and honour I am getting in my Life is all cause of my Husband Love and Support.” he is the only one who has always trusted on me and encouraging me to take Successful steps in life.


Me: What is the story behind your blog’s name, Neelo’s Kitchen.

Neelofer: I kept the same name for my Blog which I already had on Facebook page with a name of ” Neelo’s Kitchen”, Which was the idea of my Husband. As my cooked food was liked by everyone who visited my place and have it..They ask me recipes, all the time repeating same recipes and telling about process was getting quite difficult for me. Then, my husband gave me idea to open a page add and save all my tried and tested recipes on Page and give benefits to all food lovers to try out my recipes. it makes my life easier, now instead of repeating recipes I simply ask my friends to follow my blog and try out what ever they are looking for .


Me: Describe your Blog in Three words??

Neelofer: Inspired, Friendly and scrumptious.


Me: What are your cooking inspirations? A famous chef, your mom, a Cookbook, a Blog? 

Neelofer:My inspiration is my mom and my Husband and also my own interest and determination to cook something good and healthy for my Husband.


Me: Who or what inspired you to take the plunge and start your own food blog?

Neelofer: I was successfully running my page on Facebook than one of my Dearest Friend Bushrah suggested me to do blogging so more peoples gets benefits from my recipes.


Me: What’s your biggest failure ever in the Kitchen?

Neelofer: When I was 11 years old and first time tried to bake Cake.Recipe I found from the Rafhan cornflour box, it was the first time I was handling oven so didn’t get idea that we must have to Preheat it first, I put my cake batter straight in oven. Everyone one was excited my father, my mom, my siblings. When cake came out of oven it was a big disaster. Uncooked from center, hard and chewy. But this thing didn’t stop me. I tried and tried and after several attempt I was able to make perfect and yummy cake like bakery.


Me: What is your favorite Pakistani dish?

Neelofer: My Favourite dish is Biryani and Gulab Jamun.


Me: Any Ingredients you can’t stand? Which one can’t you live without?

Neelofer: I can’t stand without chicken powder


Me: What’s the most adventurous dish you’ve ever eaten?

Neelofer: No I didn’t tried any Adventurous food cause my food journey itself is adventure for me.


Me: What kind of recipes most of the people want these days?

Neelofer: It depends on, some like traditional recipes, some like healthy and some like quick meals which gets ready in 20 minutes.


Me: You visited Malaysia a little less than a year ago. What’s the best food you tried there?

Neelofer: While visit to Malaysia we (I and my Husband) travelled to an Island Langkawi and had a very tasty Biryani and seekh Kebab in ” Lebanon Restaurant” very nice hospitality and very scrumptious food. In Malaysia they call Dhaba “mama”restaurant which you can find every corner of the street, We like there Milk tea and Paratha which they serve with a special potato curry. I still miss that flavor and food.


Me: What ingredients would you like to use to make a scrumptious dessert? You can only pick four!

Neelofer: Whipping cream, oreo, strawberry and ice cream these are the ingredients I always keep in my fridge/freezer for last minutes guest to make Oreo cream or Strawberry cream.

neelo's oreo cream

Me: How have you found the public’s reaction to your recipes and writing?

A: They show lots of interest as I started my page Last year and Alhumdulillah now I have above 141,000 followers who not only appreciate but also try my recipes and send me their feedback with pictures.


Me: What’s your favorite recipe from your blog?

Neelofer: All recipes are my Favorite but I myself like Chicken Karahi, Singaporean Rice and lots more.


Me: What piece of Photography equipment could you not go without?

Neelofer: My Iphone


Me: If I’m only going to make one dish from your blog, which one should it be?

Neelofer: It would be Chicken Patties.

Neelo's Chicken Patties
Neelo’s Chicken Patties


Me: What’s one secret talent outside of the kitchen nobody knows about you?

Neelofer: Outside the kitchen I have little bit sense of Home decorating, I sew my own clothes.


Me: What are your top tips for newie food bloggers?

Neelofer: For Beginners I would suggest to have Patience, hard working and determination, Knowledge of food, interest in cooking are keen ingredients to get success and one more thing never get afraid of blunders you make in kitchen, keep on trying.


To stay updated with Neelo’s and find more of her delicious recipes make sure to check out her blog and follow her  here:  Neelo’s Kitchen Blog 

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Thank you so much Neelofer for sharing so much with us. 🙂

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  1. Neelofer Naeem Avatar

    Thank you very much dear Bushra Waheed for lovely Interview and introducing me around the Globe.. I appreciate it with bottom of my heart and will ask other bloggers to come forward… Once again a big “Thank you”

    1. Bushra Avatar

      You are welcome..:)

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