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How Bro Muhammad Faris Spend his Ramadan : Exclusive Interview with Abu Productive

How does Bro Muhammad Faris (abu productive) spend his Ramadan? To find out, I conducted an interview with the energetic, super-productive Bro. Muhammad Faris. Abu Productive (Muhammad Faris) is the founder & CEO of ProductiveMuslim, a website dedicated to Islam & Productivity. He is an international speaker, author, and coach dedicated to boosting productivity in …

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Meet the Food Gardener: Seema Khuled

Today we have a very special guest, a house wife, an active Gardener and a horticulturist, Seema Khuled. She’s a really down to earth person, responsible and a very talented lady, living in Lahore, Pakistan. She grows vegetables, herbs, Mushrooms, Fruits and flowers. Her goal is that each and every household grow food , however small amount …

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Food Blogger Meetup with Neelofer Naeem

Welcome to the newest series on my Website; an interview series with some of my favorite food bloggers. My purpose of this series is to appreciate food blogger work all over the world and share their foodie talent to give you inspiration. Today we have Neelofer Naeem from NEELO’S KITCHEN: [divider] Me: Dear Neelo’s Aslam-o-Alakaum, “Hope you …