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Chicken Shorba Recipe (Desi Chicken Stew)

Chicken Shorba

Looking for a simple meal? Then try this Chicken Shorba Recipe , you will like the taste of Chicken Shorba._ perfect for week days. It’s a good change in your lunch or dinner. This lip smacking Chicken Shorba Recipe is one of my favorite. It’s prepared in chicken stock with addition of traditional Pakistani ingredients, texture and consistency of an Pakistani Stew and the aroma of Oriental spices.

chicken shorba

After a weekend of delicious excesses, I’m ready for a healthy alternative. This weekend I’ve eaten like a queen –fried food, buttery paratha’s, creamy curries, biryani’s, naan, and more units of chocolates than I really care to count. So today I’decide to make light and nutritious meal. Weather is quite rainy so relaxing with this warming and nutritiousChicken Shorba –Chicken Curry– will be something to look forward to when I get home back from Uni.
I made this Chicken Shorba last night and it only took 1 hour to prepare and cook. It’s in the fridge now and can be warmed up in few minutes. Normally I would serve this tangy and satisfying Chicken Shorba (chicken soup) with steamed rice but to make it easy, I served it with tandoori roti.

Chicken Shorba Recipe
Photo: Chicken Shorba Recipe

Almost every country has their own version of chicken soup. I hope you like and enjoy this version as much as I do!
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Check it out the Chicken Shorba Recipe and printable version below!!

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Happy Cooking!!

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