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Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried Chicken An excellent fried chicken recipe for technique as much as anything, as the few coating ingredients of flour, garlic powder and paprika are...

Namkeen Lassi Recipe

Namkeen Lassi Namkeen Lassi is a refreshing drink for lazy summer. It cools the body in hot blazing summer days. You may drink sweet Lassi...

Honey Mango Smoothie Recipe

Honey Mango Smoothie This refreshing and simple smoothie is suitable for everyone in your family. It is a bright and sweet way to start the...

Mango Lime Smoothie Recipe

Mango Lime Smoothie Mango Lime Smoothie is a delicious and refreshing summer drink. Must try it!! Fresh mangoes are blended with a little confectioners’ sugar, lime...

Mango Rasmalai Recipe

Summer is a season of mangoes so one should try different mango recipes too. All those who are smart and a class apart should...

Recipe: Thandai or Sardai (Chilled Almond Drink)

Ingredients: 15 almonds 2 tsp aniseed 2 tsp poppy seeds 8 cardamom pods 12 tsp sugar 2 tsp peppercorns 2 tsp cumin seeds 300ml...

Tomato Onion Raita Recipe

Tomato Onion Raita Tomato Onion Raita is one of the easiest as well as one of the most commonly made Pakistani raita. We don’t need...



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