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  • Gulab Jamun Recipe with Khoya

    Gulab Jamun with Khoya Here is a different taste of Gulab Jamun made with khoya(ricotta cheese) and coating with almonds and pistachios give them a delicate look. Treat your sweet tooth with this dessert and delight everyday by just following my Gulab Jamun recipe with khoya. Soft, spongy and melt in mouth gulab jamuns drenched […]

  • Sweet Samosa Recipe

    Sweet Samosa Try this different and delicious sweet samosa recipe for your next party or get-together, just follow these simple steps to make a sweet samosa filled with ricotta cheese, coconut, sugar and nuts.  Bismillah, let’s begin! Check it out the Sweet Samosa Recipe and printable version below! Sweet Samosa Try this different and delicious sweet […]

  • Baked Egg Halwa Recipe

    Baked Egg Halwa recipe is an easy to make warming dessert. ¬†Everyone needs hot and comfort foods, and this Baked egg halwa is very tasty and nutritious for winters. ¬†It’s a little heavy, so even a small portion is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Check it out the Baked Egg Halwa Recipe here!! [one_third] […]