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  • Date-Filled Sandwich Biscuits Recipe

    Date-Filled Sandwich Biscuits Recipe

    Easy and impressive, these sandwich biscuits embellish store-bought whole wheat biscuits with a decadent three ingredient date-and-nutty spread that has a honey like sweetness and caramel overtones. Heavenly Delicious !

  • Kashmiri Green Tea Recipe

    Kashmiri Green Tea Kashmiri tea is very good for health.It is an aromatic and warming tea blend that combines organic green tea with flavourful cardamom and a hint of pistachios and almonds. This tasty kashmiri tea is ready in just 30 minutes. Kashmiri Green Tea is very popular winter’s beverage. Its milky and nutty taste […]

  • Homemade Pistachio Falooda Recipe

    Homemade Pistachio Falooda Falooda is an Indian and Pakistani recipe. It is cardamom flavored milk dessert with nuts, basil seeds, sev and ice cream topping. You need to plan some elements like soaking basil seeds and boiling-chilling milk ahead of time while making falooda. But all the effort is worth when you enjoy a glass […]

  • Saffron Pista Milk Recipe

    Saffron Pista Milk Let’s see the Saffron Pista Milk recipe to remember our childhood. Check it out the Saffron Pista Milk recipe here!! [divider] [one_fourth]Prep Time: 10 minutes + chilling[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Cook Time: 20 minutes[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Servings: 4 [/one_fourth] [one_fourth_last]Difficulty Level: Easy [/one_fourth_last] [divider] [tabs type=”horizontal”] [tabs_head] [tab_title]Ingredients[/tab_title] [tab_title]Nutrition[/tab_title] [/tabs_head] [tab] 4 cups milk 10-15 almonds 1/6 […]

  • Pistachio Halwa Recipe

    Ingredients of Pistachio Halwa: 1 1/2 cups shelled pistachio nuts 1 cup boiling water 2 1/2 tbsp milk 1/2 cup sugar 4 1/2 tsp butter or ghee Few drops vanilla essence How to make Pistachio Halwa: Soak pistachio nuts in boiling water for 35 minutes. Grease and base-line an 7 ” square plate. Drain pistachio […]