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  • Recipe: Chicken White Karahi

    Chicken White Karahi When guest arrive unexpectedly and you just want to make a quick dish. Then this  Chicken white Karahi recipe will help you out. Take it from the expert and bring restaurant like flavor in your everyday meals. Try it and don’t forget to share your experience with us!! Check it out the Chicken […]

  • Fish Karahi Recipe

    If you love spicy meat stir fried cooked in wok and is also happen to be a food lover, then you will fall in love with this delicious fish karahi recipe. Try out this fish karahi recipe that is easy and quick to make, perfect to serve with any traditional bread, such as roti or […]

  • Karahi Keema Recipe

    Karahi Keema Today I’m going to share an easy and simple yet delicious Karahi Keema recipe for you. Karahi Keema tastes great when cook with all spices and tomatoes. Cooking in Karahi develop a different taste of dishes. In this recipe mince is cooked in karahi which is super delicious when prepared.  Serve as main […]

  • Karahi Beef Fillets Recipe

    These tasty Karahi Beef Fillets seem are fast enough for everyday dinners. Enjoy these beef fillets with crusty French bread, mixed salad and a light lemon dessert. Check it out the Karahi Beef Fillets recipe here: [one_third] Prep Time: 30 minutes[/one_third] [one_third]Cook Time: 60 minutes[/one_third] [one_third_last] Servings: 6[/one_third_last] [review] [tabs type=”horizontal”] [tabs_head] [tab_title]Ingredients[/tab_title] [tab_title]Nutrition[/tab_title] [/tabs_head] [tab] 2-1/2 […]

  • Recipe: Karahi Gosht (Mutton Karahi)

    Aslam-o-Alakaum My Lovelies !!  In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Karahi Gosht (Mutton Karahi) One of the most wanted curries of Pakistani cuisine is Karahi so today, I am going to share with you another good quality and splendid recipe of mutton Karahi. Mutton Karahi is a simple yet delicious kind of fried meat […]