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Feel-Good Apple and Orange Salad Recipe

Feel-Good Apple and Orange Salad Recipe

A light, refreshing Apple and Orange Salad loaded with apples, oranges, raisins and walnuts with a flavorful dressing – perfect as an appetizer or entree! The flavors of the apples, oranges, walnuts and raisins are so clean and fresh. It never fails to please.

Chinese Fruit Salad Recipe

Chinese Fruit Salad What makes Chinese fruit salad different from ordinary fruit salad? Chinese fruit salad is made with colorful fruits and crunchy vegetables, and...
Cream Cheese Fruit Salad

RECIPE: Cream Cheese Fruit Salad

Cream Cheese Fruit Salad There is no limit to delicious fruit salad. Treat yourself with a bowl of chilled fruit salad with different dressings everyday...

Buttermilk Salad Recipe

An easy to make, refreshing fruit salad with apricot gelatin, pineapple, buttermilk, and whipped cream. This is an excellent recipe. I use low fat...

Almond Strawberry Salad Recipe

Everyone loves this pretty salad that’s topped with strawberries and sliced almonds. Check it out Almond Strawberry Salad recipe here!! Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook...

Swift Strawberry Salad Recipe

A delicious fruit salad recipe that is just as swift to make as it’s name and really tasty too. Check it out Swift Strawberry...



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