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Blogiversary Ask Me Anything (& a Giveaway)

Aslam-o-Alakum everyone!

So my 5 year blogiversary is coming up in like a week. Yes,I remember tons of random dates dates if something significant happened on that day, ok don’t judge me..😉
Anyway. So I wanted to do something awesome for my Blogiversary.

Here is what I want to do:


Blogiversary ~ Ask me Anything
Blogiversary ~ Ask me Anything

Blogiversary Ask Me Anything

I’ll be making my 5 year blogiversary video soon! What is it you really want to know about me???

In the comments below, ask me anything you want. Blog related, advice, my favorite things. I will chose 15 questions (or more depending on how many are asked) and I will feature them in my Blogiversary blog post.

Also… There will be a surprise gift from me. The winner will be picked from the list of people who ask quality and interesting questions. I will notify you through e-mail (if it’s on your blog), or I will comment to let you know.

*The giveaway will end on October 24th (12 pm Pacific Time).

ASK AWAY! and Have Fun!



  1. Happy Blogiversary Bushra!!! Such an amazing giveaway, I’d love to win prize.

  2. Food bloggers are really kind and special people aren’t they. I mean what can be more nurturing that sharing food?

  3. Wow, congrats! That’s quite the honour, to show up on that list. :)And you definitely deserve it! I love your blog.

  4. Oh dear I m so late to the party. Almost too late for the giveaway .wishing you a very, very happy blogiversary Stacie. So glad to have found you and love reading your non fiction and fiction posts. Have a great day.

  5. Hey! I totally understand your passion about food blogging because I feel the same way, too! Of course, I do not have your “fame” ???? I also agree that we have a wonderful community here. You have a lovely blog! Congratulations!

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