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Pink Lovers Drink Recipe

Pink Lovers Drink A delicious ice cream drink! Its got the taste and sweetness that kids love. Rich nutritious source of milk. Do try this...

Coffee Toffee Shake Recipe

Coffee Toffee Shake Get an Energetic Beverage with coffee texture and chocolate chunks and in every sip for your kids and all. Try this Coffee Toffee Shake...
Cho-Colic Thick Shake

Chocolic Thick Shake Recipe

Chocolic Thick Shake ChoColic is a wonderful chocolaty shake, packed with chocolate, designed specially for chocohilics wanting to cool down with a chocolaty drink! chocolate...
Chocolate Shake Recipe

Chocolate Shake Recipe

Chocolate Shake Pour shake into chilled glasses.Top with Chocolate Chips and syrup.Try this chocolate Shake recipe!! Check it out the Chocolate Shake recipe here!! Prep Time: 5...

Cookies and Cream Milkshake Recipe

Cookie and Cream Shake  Decorate top of cake with whipped cream and mini Oreo cookies, serve chilled. Do try Mouthwatering Cookie and Cream Shake Recipe !! Check it out the Cookie...

Elaichi Doodh Recipe

Elaichi Doodh Elaichi Doodh is an Indian and Pakistani drink.  Amazing milkshake with nuts and cardamom powder. Its simple to make yet so Yummy. Will...

Chocolate Buzz Milkshake Recipe

Not enough caffeine in chocolate for you? Try this shake for a real pick-me-up. A chocolate espresso milkshake. This Chocolate Buzz Milkshake is a very delightful drink. Try the easy recipe of Chocolate Buzz Milkshake shown below!!

Chocolate Mug Milkshake Recipe

If you like chocolate and you have a sweet tooth then this is your drink. It tastes like hot chocolate but it’s cold, creamy...

Cocoa Coffee Milkshake Recipe

Cocoa Coffee Milkshake – creamy treat you can make in just 2 minutes! Perfect drink for chocolate and coffee lovers to cool off on a...
Chocolate Shake

Thick Chocolate Shake Recipe

A rich, creamy and cool treat with vanilla ice cream, milk, chocolate mix, and powdered egg whites. Very quick, easy and yummy thick chocolate...

Polka Dot Milk Shake Recipe

Milkshakes are great on their own, but they’re positively awesome when they’re decorated with polka dots. This fresh tasty drink recipe is the perfect...



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