My First Blog Post!

My first Blog Post! 


Aslam-u-alaikum Everyone!

Thank you for taking a peek at my very first post on my another brand new #foodblog!

My First Blogpost
My First Blog post

I am finally succumbing to all the peer pressure to start a #foodblog. I have to admit I am a little afraid, so please be kind to me. You are probably groaning right about now…not ANOTHER food blog!!  

There are so many out there, but what can I say I don’t have many talents. Not that I’m a talented cook, but I do enjoy cooking. It gives me great joy to cook meals for my family. Now, I have lots more time on my hands for adventures in the kitchen!  

Most of you (actually, all of you) don’t know who I am, what is this blog and why I write this blog. That’s why I write this very first blog post.

Who is me?

As a visitor of my site, you probably need to know who runs this site. So, here is the quote about the admin and the founder of

I’m Bushrah waheed from Lahore, Pakistan. By profession, I’m a self taught web programmer and a self improved blogger and I started blogging in 2009 as my hobby. Also, I wanted to start this blog before several years ago, but some difficulties came across me. I start this blog, because of I love blogging, I love to share my thoughts, my skills to the world.

But please don’t have high expectations…I’m not a chef – just want to throw that out there first thing!  Can’t have you expecting too much!

I’m not brave enough to create a new recipe – not yet anyway!  I like to find recipes and make them over to our liking (well MY liking hahaha). It doesn’t always work out but what can you do? I try on My poor brother & sisters!  😀

I hope to share recipes, food gardening, reviews, tips, DIY projects, travel, stories, and inspiration with all of you. There are so many wonderful blogs that inspire me everyday, and I want to share in all of the creativity!

You can find more cool stuff about me by visiting ‘About‘ page of my blog and also don’t forget to connect with me.

What’s this blog about?

By reading above paragraph, you may already got an idea about this blog. As the name of the blog, this is a food blog writes about food, recipes, container gardening, blogging tips and many more related to those topics. I’ll write those topics with my personal knowledge, experience and after doing a research about the topic.

An open invitation to join my blog!

As this is a food blog, I should invite you to join my blog! By joining my blog, you’ll make your path to stay updated with best recipes, blogging tips and things that will helpful to you to become a better cook and food blogger.

You can join with my blog through,

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For now, I’m not going to make this very first blog post very long. Thank you everyone come here and read my first blog post made in here. Your comments and social shout outs are much appreciated.

First post. Done! Alhamdulillah 🙂

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  1. dainal Avatar

    Since I discovered your blog,I have become such a huge fan.keep the recipes coming can’t wait for this months edition. Be blessed

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