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Go Go Restaurant Review

Well this is the first time I am writing a review for any of the food place in Lahore. I am a big foodie and have been visiting many places very often. But from now, I’ll try to update my readers regularly about different food places, hotels , restaurants, food chains, even roadside food stalls and much more. 

So my today review is about an old Roadside Go Go Restaurant.

No more shopping til you drop. I was so hungry while doing shopping on mall road and I wanted some good food, real right thing to satisfy my taste buds. Then this sign board just caught my eye. In a jiff I decided to go there to satisfy my hunger. 


Review: Go Go Restaurant – OLD IS GOLD 

foodblogger-bushrahGo Go Restaurant is a Small restaurant hidden in a strip mall and they have a history of 50 years of hospitality.  

I had visited this place after a decade to recall & refresh some childhood memories. This fast food restaurant was one of my favorites in childhood. I had many pleasant memories in that restaurant. Good Meal brings back so many childhood memories lol those were the days mann!

I took a deep breath and imagined my father is here and we are enjoying Club Sandwiches together. Cheers! 

You know that expression, “I’was so hungry, I could eat a whale! Oh…” No? Good. And if there’s one thing in life that you can be sure about (besides death and taxes), it’s the joy of eating yummy food!

Old days revived,the same taste, the same food, same old memories. 

 They have a history of serving one of the yummy burgers. Their simple chicken burger’s awesome. They have maintained their food quality but their service ambiance quality has been dropped. They need to open another branch with good service and better seating.

GO GO RESTAURANT ~ 50 Years Of Hospitality


Their club sandwiches and Finger Fish  are very good, but their service ambiance quality has been dropped. They need to open another branch with good service and better seating.

Waitress were very friendly and helpful (i.e., always ready to take photographs for guests) and our food was served quickly. It took about about 10 mins. Pleasantly surprised. 


Their menu, of course, had lots of options! Chicken burgers, cheese burgers, beef burgers, Sandwiches, Drinks, Shashlik etc. Watching me clueless, their guy started suggesting me their hot sellers. So, my order was as follows: Finger Fish, French Fries and Simple Sandwich & Coleslaw Salad  ~ the perfect cure for the cold weather.  It was a complete meal I would say. 



Sandwiches were Incredibly so good. Finger Fish was flavorful and crunchy but few pieces were over burned (dark brown color was not eye appealing).French fries had  a pure desi nice flavour and the crispy, yet moist inside. The  Fries were tasted just like original home-made fries but the sauce was a bit less spicy.

Coleslaw Salad was so delicious. It’s cool creaminess, crunchy texture, and tangy flavor balances out the richness of fried fish and chips. 

fish finger, chips with buttery sandwiches with coleslaw __ A Yummy treat For My Hungry Tummy!!

As soon as I dig my tooth into the crunchy fish, it was a blast of flavors with creamy coleslaw. Too good! So, every fish lover like me can go for it without a second thought!
But too huge for me to eat all by myself. :/

Childhood memories all in one bite.

 Sat down eating the starters, I met this blue eyed cute cat at a restaurant.

Cutie Cut busy enjoying finger fish 😛

Value for Money

I would say that this place an absolute value-for-money! The appetizers starting from Rs. 100 and burgers as low as Rs. 290. While the Finger Fish was Rs. 410, which at first seemed a bit pricey but the heavenly experience is totally worth it! 

Rs 410 for finger fish platter were not bad. It’s definitely worth extending a shopping visit to get a bite to eat. 😛

Final Verdict

7 out of 10,

Rating: 4-star, Recommended!

Very reasonable prices and good food! Only draw back is no sitting place had to sit on road side tables. While Go Go Restaurant may not be the ideal place to celebrate a party because of outdoor sitting, but it’s great to have some friends over for a fun afternoon lunch. Oh and the food – just perfect.


Go Go Restaurant, The Mall Road, Lahore.
SNACK, Fast Food 
Mon-Sun: 1 0:30AM–12:30AM

Rs. 300 – 500 Per Person

Children/Family , Lunch , Brunch, Fast Food 
(042) 36373-295



Want to try some roadside desi style  fast food?Tell me what you thought of the place when you went! Share your favorites from their menu in the comments below.

Note: I was not paid or compensated for this review. All reviews and opinions expressed are my own.

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