Explore the Hidden Beauty of Neela Wahan Through My Lens

Too tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city life. Mostly at home all-day-long.This isn’t feeding my adventurous soul at all. My restless spirit & adventurous soul shouting out for a change and I was just looking for a fun way to pleased my soul.

Food Blogger Bushrah at Neelwan ValleyAnd then, I got a trip notification from my University.  After a bit of hiatus to recharge my batteries, I suddenly got the urge to join this adventure. I decided without thinking one second. yes, I should definitely go.

How could I say no to that??

Travel is my favorite thing to do in life. I love to take pictures of nature and good food.

Let’s explore the neela wahan valley Through My Lens( Hidden Beauty of Pakistan). I PROMISE, YOU WILL NOT GET BORED.

Grab a cup of coffee with some cookies or a popcorn bag and join me in my today’s adventure. I am taking you far away from the noise and hustle-and-bustle of big city life to explore the waterfalls & autumn colored mountain trails and ponds.

Explore the Hidden Beauty of Neela Wahan Through My Lens

Hiking and I go together like cinnamon and tomato sauce. An itsy bitsy pinch of cinnamon in tomato sauce makes it like wow what is going on in my mouth this is otherworldly amazing and an itsy bitsy amount of hiking in my life makes me all wow I feel great.

Travel is my favorite thing to do in life.

Trip To Neela Wahan Valley (Hidden Beauty of Pakistan)

Yesterday, I got a chance to visit Neela Wahan valley with my university fellows. It was very well planned visit and no doubt I enjoyed alot. Only thing bothering me was loud music. 

Neela Wahan Parking Stand
Neela Wahan Parking Stand

Neela Wahan

Neela means Blue and Wahan means Water Pond. These water falls & ponds are located 30 km away from kalar kahar lake on Khushab road in Nurpur Village(District Chakwal). From there do ask any local person about the gateway to Neela wahan valley. There is no sign board or benchmark available which i can tell you.
Exact trial start from grave yard in from of water tank from main road.

Let’s Explore the Neela Wahan Trail first. 

Main Entrance
Main Entrance View

On the way down to the pond, I felt so delighted to see cows grazing on shrubs. Such is an amusement for city dwellers who only get to appreciate simple things when in a rural area. The good thing that comes out of urban life, my urbanized life enables me to see value and beauty in the mundane. 

The wide and open extent of rocky mountains was also noticeable.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step the village View from the top….The perfect place to spend the time in the nature and to celebrate life.

Neela wahan Valley View from the top.

Breath taking and Eye-catching view of Neela wahan Ponds from the village top.  


 The track is full of adventure with ups & downs rocky barren and bushy mountains & eye pleasing nature view. 

Neela Wahan Rocky barren Track
Neela Wahan Rocky barren Track

The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step … Descent in mountains Thorny shrubs… OUCH!! More Thorny shrubs.

Thorny shrubs
Thorny Shrubs on Rocky Trails

A 50 minutes downhill track leads to the first 3 ponds. There are a lot of other ponds available being generated by the same stream. So if you have time , do explore the area.

POnd 1

At very first we reached to the first pool, the scene of a great wall of mountain behind the pool makes its view more attractive. The water spring is coming out from the mountain wall. The radius of the pool this pool is not so big but around 5 meters.


The amazing factor of the first pool is the tinny fishes and crabs in it. Of course man is the biggest animal of the world so unlike the others the crab is also frightened from the man. Sometimes, they come out for sunshine, as the water is cold, but we can see them clearly in the water surface.

Crab at the Neela Wahan
Meet the Mr.Crab at Neela Wahan Pond

Water surface of the pool is much zigzagged but could easily walk able, you can have a good bath in it but it’s better that if you know swimming. Lol 😀

Second and third pools are not more than 30 meters away from the first pool, so it’s good that if you have a guide over there and if not then mountaineers can easily find the track and others as well. Second and third pools are in 2 steps. One is on top and the second is at bottom. These pools are bigger in size, the radius of is around 20 to 40 meters.

The fourth pool I think more than 2 or 3 yards away. As we were new to this place and due to shortage of time we could not reached to that pool, but we had enjoyed a lot. 


Above all, the Neela wahan is a place worth tracking, swimming and  for picnic. You can carry the food stuff and can have Bar-B-Q there. Even you can have camping there and can spend a night as well.


In all my travels, specifically nature trips, I consider watching the sunset the ultimate experience. Standing on the edge of the hill’s crest at that incredible moment made me feel I’m indeed part of one of the most spectacular sights in the Universe—of something important.


Once again, I was stunned at how the unique harmony of colors starts to seep through the rustic sky of Neela Wahan Valley. While I was marveling at the sunset, I realized just how it mirrors life’s cycle of duality. The sun must create a space and time for darkness. Think of the hard times and the good times or the dark tunnel and the light at the end of it. 

At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to grasp that beauty and truth, which is held within a sunset.

The main reasons why I took this Tour were to recharge my batteries, disconnect from the hurly-burly of our urban lives, to catch the sunset up a hill, to sooth my soul by spending time near to  nature.

It was good to get away from work and the ‘ol routine. Maybe next time I’ll stay overnight with family and go Aab-e-shifa!

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