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Foodpanda’s Bites and Vibes Event Recap

Take me back to the Foodpanda’s Bites and Vibes event please!

Thanks to Foodpanda and their team for inviting me to [EVENT] and giving me a platform to meet my fellow bloggers and it was wonderful experience! The weather was perfect, the food was aplenty, and what is there to complain about to taste and enjoy different cuisine in one place at affordable prices?? So before I get too much into it, let’s start with the basics.What is the Foodpanda’s Bites and Vibes Event?

Foodpanda has recently gone beyond being just a local food delivery service and have begun incorporating events into their repertoire of all things food. Bites and Vibes is a part of the Foodpanda’s event-series to bringing together different local popular restaurants and a variety of food at a very affordable price dishes and free drinks by 7up, live cooking, chef demonstrations, and more! Located on the Royal Palm Country Golf Club. For more details about the event and ticket prices check out my previous article here.


I was super stoked to be part of this incredible food festival. I went the event with great expectations and it did not disappoint me at all. As soon as I entered the tent enclosed area of  where the festival was held, the aroma of food rising from different stalls made the atmosphere extremely delightful.

Deli Delights, Spoonful, Shut Up & Eat, Downtown Foodies, Galito’s, Buffalo Wings and Rings, Popeye’s Chicken, Bamboo Union, Maro Tandoor, Dessert Desire, Hakuna Matata, The Waffle House, Cravea and Grab Your Meal also had their stalls at the food festival.

and mouthwatering food stalls, from desi Ashraf Tikka to fine sushi from Bamboo Union and delicious nutella Naan from Maro Tandoor. There is infinite variety of exquisite cuisine that catered in all kind of budgets.

Overall, it was a very well organized event and my bro and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it! In addition to the food, appetizers, and desserts, there was the 7up stall to pairing the spicy food (Mana Lo Food Ka Love)  and small kids zone and  games for more fun times. Definitely an event I would go to again next season!

But the best thing about the Bites and Vibes food festival was that every food item will not exceed the Rs. 200 price!

On a completely random side note though, a cool thing I noticed there was a photo booth for Selfie Lovers and a spinning wheel to win prizes. For those of you who attended the event, Have You Tried…??? Let me know down below!

*This post and the work done with foodpanda for ‘bites and vibes’ was not paid work, but we were given tickets to use at the event. All commentary and opinions are my own.

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Monu says:

I totally wish I was in lahore for this! It sounds like it would be a great time – seriously yummy

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