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  • Recipe: Shahi Tukra (Bread Pudding)

    Shahi Tukra Truly a royal dessert, as its name suggests, Shahi Tukra is a rich bread pudding. In this dessert, deep-fried bread absorbs a milk sauce seasoned with saffron and cardamom, all of which is covered by fried cashews, almonds, and pistachios. It is great for a large dinner party as the recipe can be […]

  • Recipe: Badami Shahi Tukray (Almonds Bread Dessert)

    Badami Shahi Tukray Badami Shahi Tukray is one of a famous delight of South Asian cuisine and as its name suggests its a royal dessert. It can be regarded as continental version of bread pudding. Delectable shahi tukra is made by soaking fried bread slices into the thickened sweetened milk. Try this Badami shahi tukray […]