Blogiversary Week: Some of My Favorite Dishes Thus Far


Happy Blogiversary!

It’s been Five years since I started this blog, and I wanted to take the opportunity today to look back at some of my favorite dishes I’ve posted through the years. These don’t fit into any one category or any one theme; they’re just things I love and would eat 24-7 if given the opportunity.

Thank you guys for being a part of things around here for all these years. I’ve enjoyed blogging so very much, and you guys have been wonderful.


Here are some of my favorites. Click on either the photo or link below it to be taken to the step-by-step. (Warning: I’ll start with the oldest recipes and work my way up…so some photos may be very old and grody-looking. My photography has been part of the process!)

I’m sharing a lot of recipes here…but there’ll be no more photos than my average cooking post! Har.

Homemade Pizza Rolls

Homemade Pizza Rolls
Homemade Pizza Rolls

 They define me and complete me.

Strawberry French Toast Roll-Ups

Strawberry French Toast Roll Ups recipe
Photo: Strawberry French Toast Roll Ups recipe

The perfect quick dessert! (Drizzle on caramel sauce instead of powdered sugar if you’re feeling particularly naughty.)

Restaurant Style Lahori Mutton Karahi 

Restaurant Style Lahori Mutton Karahi Recipe
Photo: Restaurant Style Lahori Mutton Karahi

Being a Lahori, probably one of my most habit-forming recipes. There’s no going back from here.

25 Minute Chicken and Noodles

25 Minute Chicken and Noodles
Photo: 25 Minute Chicken and Noodles

One of the simplest recipes on this site, it’s also one of the most delicious. You won’t believe the flavor, and you’ll make it all summer long.

Perfect French Fries

Perfect French Fries
Perfect French Fries

Dip ’em in a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise if you’ve been good and have exercised all week.

Chatpata Aloo Tikki Burger

Chatpata Aloo Tikki Burger Recipe
Chatpata Aloo Tikki Burger Recipe

Who doesn’t love this school cafeteria throwback?

Vegetable Kofta Biryani 

Vegetable Kofta Biryani Recipe
Photo: Vegetable Kofta Biryani

You won’t believe how easy it is. Soooo spicy and flavorful!

Homemade Veggie Pizza

Homemade Veggie Pizza
Photo: Homemade Veggie Pizza

Me likey. The more veggies, the better.

Noodles Pakora

Noodles Pakora recipe
Photo: Noodles Pakora recipe

Chicken Roast Burger


NanKhatai (Eggless Buttery Cookies)


My go-to fall recipe.

Shimla Mirch Qeema 

Shimla Mirch Qeema (Mince with capsicum)
Photo: Shimla Mirch Qeema (Mince with capsicum)

This is a wonderful, easy weeknight meal that is ready in under 30 minutes, and you only have to dirty one pan!

Clean Eating Salmon Fish Fry
Photo: Clean Eating Salmon Fish Fry

Crunchy Chicken Pakora

Crunchy Chicken Pakora recipe
Photo: Crunchy Chicken Pakora recipe

Baby Chicken Bread

Baby Chicken Bread
Photo: Baby Chicken Bread

And, from last week, Baby Chicken Bread. I think that’s as good a place as any to end this roundup!

Hope you find a couple of new things to make this week.

Thanks again for being here, guys.

I love ya,

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