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  • How Bro Muhammad Faris Spend his Ramadan : Exclusive Interview with Abu Productive

    How does Bro Muhammad Faris (abu productive) spend his Ramadan? To find out, I conducted an interview with the energetic, super-productive Bro. Muhammad Faris. Abu Productive (Muhammad Faris) is the founder & CEO of ProductiveMuslim, a website dedicated to Islam & Productivity. He is an international speaker, author, and coach dedicated to boosting productivity in […]

  • Things to Do for a Remarkable Ramadan

    Aslam-o-Alakaum warhmatullah Wabaraktuhu to All!! The blessed & most beautiful month Ramadan is near and we are for indeed fortunate for getting another opportunity to reap it’s benefits and rewards. What better time to prepare for it than right now? Four Things to do for a Remarkable Ramadan Here is a list of 4 simple […]