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  • Bean Salad Recipe

    Bean Salad Recipe

    Bean Salad Prepared South Asian style quick and healthy Bean Salad with tasty dressing. The basic salad features boiled red beans. However, coriander leaves, sweet corn, tomato, onion adds more taste to the salad. And yes, lemon juice and hot sauce’s dressing will give it a sour & spicy kick Check it out the Bean Salad […]

  • Recipe: Lobia Biryani

    Lobia Biryani Lobia Biryani is an easy, quick and healthy one pot meal. This is a delicious veggie biryani consists of Kidney beans layered with mint leaves, tomatoes and green chillies over boiled rice. Goes great with any kind of raita. Try this Lobia Biryani recipe and don’t forget to share your experience with us!! […]

  • Citrus Kidney Bean Salad Recipe

    ┬áCitrus Kidney Bean Salad A quick and easy Citrus Kidney Bean Salad recipe with colourful veggies and tangy dressing. This is SO delicious! This Citrus Kidney Bean Salad recipe was given to me by a friend I had in college. I put this together after my CT scan because I wanted to eat something high […]