Restaurant Style Hot and Sour Noodles Recipe

Hot and Sour Noodles Recipe pinit

This Restaurant Style Hot and Sour Noodles Recipe makes a bright and healthy dinner for a small family. There are layers and layers of flavors in these easy noodles that are ready in 30 minutes.

Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 25 min Total Time 30 mins
Servings: 2


This Restaurant Style Hot and Sour Noodles Recipe makes a bright and healthy dinner for a small family. There are layers and layers of flavors in these easy noodles that are ready in 30 minutes.


Ingredients for Marination:

Ingredients For Sauce:


  1. Cut all vegetable into cubes and keey aside. Then cut the chicken into cubes and marinate with ginger garlic paste, egg white, Cornflour, soy sauce, chili sauce, vinegar, red pepper and salt. Mix well and keep aside.

    Hot and Sour Noodles Recipe
  2. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Cook egg noodles for 5-7 minutes, until they reach desired consistency. Drain the noodles. Rinse in a bowl of cold water and drain again. Keep aside.

  3. Heat 4 tbsp olive oil in wok or large frying pan over a medium to high heat.

  4. Fry marinated chicken pieces for 8-10 minutes or until cook from inside and golden brown from outside.

  5. Remove from the oil and keep aside.
  6. Now saute chopped ginger garlic in the remaining oil for 30 seconds or until aromatic.

  7. Add half cup of water, hot pepper sauce, soy sauce, and chili flakes. Let it simmer for 2 minutes or until all water dries up.

  8. Add the onion and keep stirring on high flame. Season with salt and pepper.

  9. Add capsicum and stir fry together for 1 minute then add tomato and turn the heat on high.

  10. Add the tomato ketchup and vinegar, continue to stir fry for 1 minute.

  11. Adjust the seasoning to taste and add fried chicken.

  12. Toss in the noodles,breaking up the clumps as you drop them in and continue to stir fry for 30 seconds.
  13. Pour in 2 tablespoons of water and let it steam up through the ingredients ,helping to cook the veg and to warm the noodles through.
  14. Remove the pan from the heat.Sprinkle some chili flakes over it and top up with olives.

  15. Serve up straight away to appreciate the kick. ENJOY!!

    Hot and Sour Noodles Recipe – Just Like the Restaurants Make It


  1. To make non-sticky noodles, do not overcook them in step-2. Cook them until they are cooked but not mushy. Do not forget to pour cold water over noodles after cooking to remove excess starch.
  2. This is my absolute favorite ingredients combination, but feel free to use any vegetables or protein that you have on hand. Instead of chicken, you can use firm tofu to make it vegetarian. You can also use prawns or thinly sliced beef.
  3. As for the vegetables, don’t omit the crispy onion and capsicum. For variation, add baby corns, red and yellow capsicum, mushrooms or any other vegetables of your choice.
  4. You can use either green chilli sauce or hot pepper sauce sauce per your preference. Hot Pepper sauce sauce will help you get the typical restaurant color.
  5. Adjust quantity of hot sauce and soy sauce per your taste. Do not add more soy sauce as it tastes bitter and it will change the taste of noodles.
  6. All vegetables and noodles must be tossed over over high-flame to get restaurant like taste and texture.
  7. This dish is not very good after reheating because the noodles absorb the sauce and become mushy and the whole dish is just a little dry. If you want to make it ahead, store the sauce separately and combine only before serving.
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