Kitchen Tips & Tricks

Simple Kitchen Tips & Tricks

Good for you. It is a skill, once obtained, that will reward you the rest of your life. One of the greatest feelings ever is to put together a special treat in the kitchen and watch the smiles from your family and friends when you place a dinner you cooked before them. These Kitchen tips & tricks for beginners will help you do that.

 Save Time & Money with These Simple Kitchen Tips & Tricks

Tips To Keep Green Chillies Fresh:

To keep the green chilies fresh for a longer time, remove the stems Before storing.


Tips To Keep The Vegetables Fresh:

To keep the vegetables fresh for longer time wrap them in newspaper before putting them in the fridge.


How to avoid Deep Frying:

Substituent deep frying with stir frying or even bake. Don’t pour the oil, but make a habit of spraying the oil in utensil for cooking. Heat the utensil first, then add oil. This way oil spreads well. You will use less oil this way.


Tip to Write a message on Cake

Write it with a toothpick first to make sure all the letters fit ( and if you make a mistake, just smooth it out and try again).


Tips To Wash Vegetables

Add a couple tablespoon of baking soda to cold water when washing fresh vegetables. This removes pesticides, dirt and wax.


Tips To Freeze Spinach

Best way to freeze spinach is to blanch it, blend it and freeze it, when you want to use it defrost it!!


Tips To Buy Fresh Veggies

When buying fresh veggies ( for consumption) the darker in colour, the tastier they’ll be.


Tip to Keep Away Ants from Sugar.

Putting 3 to 4 cloves in sugar container will keep the ant away.


Tip to Chop Herbs without Knife

Chopping herbs can be a slow and tricky task when you’re using knife. If you get yourself a pair of the multi blade scissors, it’ ll make a life a lot easier.


Tip To Remove Onion Smell from your Hand.

To remove onion and garlic smell from your hand, rub salt on wet hand first than wash your hand with warm water and soap.

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