Dinner Recipes
What's for supper? Our delicious dinner suggestions make it easy to answer this age-old question. We have ideas for chicken, beef, mutton, lentils, pasta and more.


Dinner Recipes

Aloo Keema Matar Recipe

Recipe: Palak Chicken

Recipe: Chicken Karahi

Cheesy Spinach Bake Recipe

Chana Dal Gosht Recipe

Chicken Keema Recipe

Easy Cheesy Lasagna Recipe

Bhindi Masala Recipe

Vegetable Karahi Recipe

Afghani Pulao Recipe

Fish Steak Recipe

BBQ Chicken Tikka Recipe

Dal Maharani Recipe

Bhindi Gosht Recipe

Garden Pizza Recipe

Mutton Steam Roast Recipe

Roasted Herb Chicken Recipe

Roghni Naan Recipe

Spring Fried Beef Recipe

Juicy Steak Recipe

Chili Garlic Fish Recipe

Balti Beef Recipe

Cheese Steak Sandwich Recipe

Recipe: Fish Tikka Boti

Fried Kashmiri Chops Recipe

Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe

Angara Qeema Recipe

Aloo Mutter Recipe

Homemade Pizza Rolls Recipe

Double Pan Pizza

Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

Lamb Karahi Recipe

Recipe: Mutton Chop Tikka

Pan Chicken Tikka Recipe

Fish Temperade Recipe

Champ Pulao Recipe

Recipe: Reshmi Kebab

Pepper Chicken Recipe

Mutton Baked Tikka Recipe

Desi Chicken Curry Recipe

Recipe: Mutton Keema

Tawa Gosht Recipe

Tawa Gosht Recipe

Mustard Chicken Recipe

Miniature Kebab Recipe

Vegetable Jalfrezi Recipe

Chicken with Cumin Recipe

Ginger Fish Recipe

Fish Tikka Recipe

Chutney Chicken Recipe

Chicken Shashlik Recipe

Beef Kabab Recipe

Buttermilk Rolls Recipe

Fish Shashlik Recipe

Egg Manchurian Recipe

Recipe: Fried Nut Rice

Murgh Madrasi Recipe

Fish Korma Recipe

Dhaba Chicken Recipe

Degi Korma Recipe

Ghilafi Kebab Recipe

Recipe: Ghilafi Kebab

Mutton Tikka recipe

Recipe: Mutton Tikka

Dal Palak Recipe

Prawn Curry Recipe

Fried Mash Dal Recipe

Dal Mash Recipe

Recipe: Rainbow Tikka Rice

Irani Sabzi Pulao Recipe

Mix Vegetable Biryani Recipe

Prawn Biryani Recipe

Chicken Tawa Kabab Recipe

Chicken with Peppers Recipe

Tikka Boti Recipe

Chicken Boti Recipe

Chicken Bharta recipe

Recipe: Chicken Bharta

Bohri Chicken Recipe

Chicken Nawabi Recipe

Recipe: Aloo Channa Pulao

Recipe: Dhaba Chicken Karahi

Dhaka Karahi Recipe

Karahi Bhindi Recipe

Baby Corn Masala Recipe

Baby Corn Manchurian Recipe

Andhra Chicken Pulao Recipe

Fish Pulao Recipe

Prawn Pulao Recipe

Fish Biryani Recipe

BBQ Biryani Recipe

Recipe: Egg Biryani

Kashmiri Biryani Recipe

Dum Pukht Biryani Recipe

Ahmedi Biryani Recipe

Memoni Biryani Recipe

Easy Keema Pulao Recipe

Sindhi Pulao Recipe

Dal Nawabi Recipe

Egg Pulao Recipe

Keema Noodles Recipe

Green Onion Pulao Recipe

Mint Pulao Recipe

Egg Dal Recipe

Mushroom Pulao Recipe

Dhal Curry Recipe

Palak Kofta Curry Recipe

Hyderabadi Haleem Recipe

Beef Fillets Recipe

Recipe: Boneless Plain Biryani

Plain Dehli Biryani Recipe

Chicken Cheese Kabab Recipe

White Mutton Biryani Recipe

White Mutton Karahi Recipe

Chicken Karahi Korma Recipe

Balti Fish Curry Recipe

Lahori Murgh Recipe

Recipe: Chicken Keema and Egg

Walnut Chicken Recipe

Chinese Dry Beef Chilli Recipe

Chicken Angara Recipe

Balti Chicken recipe

Balti Chicken Recipe

Beef Masala Recipe

Recipe: Chicken Reshmi Kabab

Chicken keema Pulao Recipe

Corn Pulao Recipe

Fish Keema Curry Recipe

Chatpata Chicken Tikka Recipe

Dhaba Chilly Chicken Recipe

Recipe: Chicken White Karahi

Fish Roast Recipe

Recipe: Hammer Chili Chicken

Bohri Roast Recipe

Fish Kofta Curry Recipe

Fish Karahi Recipe

Smoked Fish Recipe

Recipe: Fish Tikka Shashlik

Homemade Pizza Pockets Recipe

Recipe: Spicy Fish Tikka

Recipe: Chilli Mutton Masala

Delhi Wala Korma Recipe

Recipe: Potato Crusted Chicken

Recipe: Finger Fish

Chicken Keema Matar Recipe

Aloo Methi Palak Recipe

Paneer Tawa Masala Recipe

Boti Masala Biryani Recipe

Recipe: Chicken Pita Pockets

Smoked Meat Curry Recipe

Recipe: Kebabish Rice

Recipe:Omelette Curry

Recipe: Chicken White Korma

Recipe: Chandi Korma

Badami Keema Recipe

Two Cheese Tomato Pie Recipe

Karahi Keema Recipe

Mutton Biryani Recipe

Aloo Gosht Recipe

Fried Chicken

Best Ever Fried Chicken Recipe

Beef Pot Pie Recipe

Baked Spiced Chicken Recipe

Chicken Fricassee Recipe

Carrot Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Carrot Fried Rice Recipe

Bubble Pizza Recipe

Chicken Shakuti Recipe

Chicken Shawarma Rice Recipe

Chinese Noodle Chicken Recipe

Recipe: Chicken Haleem

Seekh Kaleji Recipe

Seekh Kaleji Recipe

Fried Chicken Recipe

fried rice recipe

Fried Rice Recipe

Darbari Fish Recipe

Recipe: Special Reshmi Kebab

saag chicken recipe

Saag Chicken Recipe

Recipe: Chicken Sajji

Simple Chicken Biryani Recipe

Simple Chicken Biryani Recipe

Tikka Biryani Recipe

Baked Swiss Chicken Recipe

Chicken Bhindi Recipe

Balti Gosht Salan Recipe

Dhuwan Dahi Gosht Recipe

Boneless Mutton Handi Recipe

Sweet and Sour Liver Recipe

Sweet and Sour Meatloaf Recipe

Sindhi Elaichi Gosht Recipe

Dam Ka Qeema Recipe

Smoked Chicken Korma Recipe

Spicy Mutton Curry Recipe

Lamb Souvlaki Recipe

Harissa Recipe

Recipe: Black Pepper Mutton

Mutton Paya Recipe